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Top Trending Designs of Necklaces for Women

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Necklaces are truly an unmatched piece of jewelry that get instant recognition.

An attractive piece of a necklace is enough to add to your aura when in a party. Not to mention all the attention and compliments you will get. One great advantage of necklaces is that their charm goes with any type of dressing. No matter if you are wearing a traditional dress or a western dress, you can pair it with an attractive necklace.

If you are looking to add a gorgeous piece of a necklace to your wardrobe, here are the top trending designs of Necklaces you should go for:

Cross Pendants

Cross Necklaces

These types of pendants are one of the evergreen necklaces designs available in the market. The design was introduced in the market a long time back, but it still is one of the most popular designs amongst people. The cross design adds a spiritual touch to the necklace and thus is preferred by those who have a spiritual bent of mind.

Pave Pendants

Pave Necklaces

Pave pendant is another type of attractive necklace design. The greatest asset of this pendant design is its simplicity. To make this design trending, designers work on accurate details like precision cutting and placement. You can wear Pave pendants either at a party or even in your office.

Crescent Moon Necklace

Crescent Moon Necklaces

You will fall in love with this necklace design just at the first sight. The crescent moon is one of the favorites of those who are romantic at heart and practical in mind. The half-moon design of the necklace is hard to go unnoticed and thus catches the attention of every eye.

Bar Pendants

Bar Necklaces

For all those who like to keep it simple and classy, choosing a bar pendant would never be a wrong choice. The appealing design of the pendant is a charm while the sleek length of the pendant would do justice to your personality.

Star Necklace

Star Necklaces

Amidst the various designs of necklaces, this star shines quite bright. Its small star shape will make you the center of attention in any kind of event or party. Whatever outfit you are planning to wear, a star around your neck is going to make you look gorgeous.

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