Rose Gold Wedding Band

Rose Gold Wedding Bands: Perfect Connotation to Seal Your Love

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What should be the setting? What should be the metal of the ring? Or it should be classic or three stone? These are the few questions that may revolve in your mind while surfing Wedding Bands online.
Or why not, after all, it is your right to get the world’s best and stylish Wedding Band on your special day.
So, if you are looking something romantic wrapped under the rosy red, then you should choose Rose Gold Wedding Band without any second thought.

Rose Gold Wedding Band
Rose Gold Wedding BandThere is no such metal-like rose gold which exists in nature. Basically, rose gold is the result of the amalgamation of two metals. It is an alloy of natural yellow gold and copper. Sometimes silver and zinc can be used instead of copper. Thus, the darkness and lightness of red element in the rose gold depends on the amount of copper.

Types of Rose Gold Karats
Rose Gold KaratsTo acquire a perfect rose gold ring, you need to ascertain few essential things that can help you to get the best thing without going heavy in your pocket and involving in any foul play or scam. One among them is Karat Calculation.
Rose gold bands are usually available in different karats including 18k, 14k, 12K & 10k. However, 22K of gold is not available as it is very fragile to create a long-lasting rose gold ring or band.

 Compositions of Rose Gold Karats:

  • 18K Rose Gold – It contains 75% yellow gold and 25% of Copper or alloy of silver and zinc. It means 18K rose gold will comprise 18 parts yellow gold and 6 parts of other metals.
  • 14K Rose Gold – It comprises 58.3% of yellow gold and 41.7% of copper, silver or zinc. It means gold contains 14 parts of yellow gold and 10 parts of other metals.
  • 12K Rose Gold – It contains 50% of yellow gold and 50% of copper. It means 12 parts of yellow gold and 12 parts of other metals.
  • 10K Rose Gold – Includes 41.7% of gold and 58.3% of other metals i.e 10 parts of gold and 14 parts of other metals.

Why One Should Invest in Rose Gold Wedding Bands
Invest in Wedding BandsMaking Rose Gold Wedding Band a cute witness of your wedding can be the greater investment of your life that can ensure you with the greater ROI. We have many reasons that can help you to realize the importance of buying rose gold band:

  • Add Warmness to Your Style – Amalgamation of yellow gold and copper bring Natural pinkish hue in the ring. This offers a warmness to your style.
  • Durable & Easy to Maintain – As rose gold contain copper metal, so it is hard and ensures complete durability. Along with this, it is easy and quick to maintain.
  • Complements Every Skin Tone – Rose gold is considered to be the universally favorable color that suits every skin tone.
  • Exude Romantic & Vintage Elements – Rose gold wedding band showcases the vintage romantic style that can add a vibe of romance in your signature style.
  • Budget-Friendly Purchase – As we have discussed about the rose gold karat composition, so, you can adjust your rose gold ring according to your pocket size.


Buying a perfect and premium-quality Rose Gold Wedding Band will become quick and easy process if you do research about it. The above information can help you to get detailed insight for each and every element of the rose gold wedding band.

Pink Wedding BandLast but not least, always prefer to buy Wedding Bands or Engagement Rings from independent and certified Jewelers like Maharaja’s Fine Jewelry & Gift. We offer an outstanding collection of rose gold wedding bands that are available in every style. Visit our store located at 105 W 23rd St Panama City, FL 32405. You can also give us a call at (850) 763-4224 or connect us at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

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