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Latest Trends in Vintage Rings for Engagements

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Buying an engagement ring for your partner is a tough job. It symbolizes the intent of forming a lifelong bond with the most important person in your life. You can use some help from the experts. If you want to keep it classy, browse through the Vintage Rings collection for the real feel. If you are about setting trends, browse everything unique. But get this one thing right.

After decades of studying jewelry trends, we have gathered a team of professionals who know exactly what a woman or a man will like.

Here is a list of the top picks from our Vintage Rings collection, for those who want to keep it rooted in tradition.
1. Round Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

Round Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

Even a rookie can understand the traditional value of this precious vintage design at a glance. You can go for a narrow halo for a sleek and reasonable ring. Or, you can go all in and have the halo spread out all over the ring in the form of tiny diamonds. This design has never gone out of fashion ever since it became popular in the 1920’s.

2. Oval Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

Oval Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

If you want a large ring that looks traditional, yet a little different, go for the oval cut. It has been trending ever since people saw it on Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston. The oval cut engagement ring is the most unique of all trending Vintage Rings.

3. Cushion Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

The cushion cut ring from the last century is coming back in trend again. The square with the smooth edges is perfect for those who want a little bit of both traditional shapes, the round cut and the square cut. It not only looks classy but also attracts attention towards it.

4. Princess Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

Talking about vintage, the Princess cut is one of the most popular Vintage Ring trends even today. The round brilliant cut used to be the most popular, but the Princess cut is what today’s women seem to like more. You can never go wrong with this one.

Not for the pomp, not for the status symbol, and not for the sake of tradition alone… a diamond ring is the symbol of effort, dedication, and commitment. Promises and vows are not enough to win the trust of a lifetime. Follow our lead and go for one of these beautiful Vintage Rings from Maharaja’s Fine Jewelry to demonstrate your full commitment.

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