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Tips to Buy Men’s Engagement Rings


The principles of wedding and engagement are changing nowadays. It comes with no surprise for a woman to propose a man. But that comes with a dilemma of buying the perfect Men’s Engagement Rings. You might be a pro at choosing a ring for yourself, but getting a ring for your man can be a …

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5 Trending Men’s Engagement Ring Designs


Traditionally, it was a woman who wore an engagement ring gifted by her Fiancé. But now, engagement rings are popularly becoming more like the wedding band. Both, the man and the woman prefer it as a wedding gift for their respective partner. However, finding suitable Diamond Rings for Men is not an easy task. There …

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5 Varieties of Non-Diamond Wedding Bands for Men

Wedding Band20 - 5 Varieties of Non-Diamond Wedding Bands for Men

Non-diamond Wedding Bands are stunning varieties of white gold, yellow gold or even dual-toned bands, sans diamond or other intricate stones. These are bands exclusively catered to the needs of men. The bands are mostly hard-core and sturdy in nature. As men indulge themselves in hard-core physical activities like swimming, gardening, scuba-diving or even playing …