Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

7 Common Misconceptions About Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

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Diamond engagement rings are the ultimate in a nuptial ensemble for women. These rings offer a sense of safety and completeness to women. Every man who wants to gift the perfect diamond ring to her fiancée. However, men need to choose Diamond Engagement Rings for Women with an open mind. There are several misconceptions about these rings. If you are influenced by these, you may have to rue for your selection.

Let’s cut out the clutter and get a peek inside the reality.

7 Common Misconceptions About Diamond Engagement Rings for Women:

Larger the Diamond, Heavier It Is

The weight of a diamond alone does not determine its size. Since diamond is available in different densities ranging from 3.51 to 3.53, different diamonds of the same size may have different weight.

Nostalgic Diamond Engagement Ring for Women

Diamonds with Greater Clarity Sparkle More

Clarity of a diamond is a measure of its purity or lack of imperfections. The sparkle of a diamond is dependent on many factors other than clarity. A flawless diamond may not sparkle since it is also dependent on the cut.

Fluorescence Is Not Good for Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

Fluorescence need not always be a negative perspective. It depends upon the type of diamond. Nonetheless, if the diamond is hazy, you need to reject it.

Classic Diamond Engagement Ring for Women

Round cut diamonds appear the largest

It is not necessary that the biggest diamonds are all round in shape.  It is true that round-shaped diamonds do appear large. However, it is not only the shape but also the cut that determines the appearance of a diamond. If you want a diamond that looks big you can go for shapes like elongated, oval, radiant, pear, marquise etc.

SI2 Is Not A Good Clarity Grade

SI2 clarity sits at the bottom of the SI clarity range. Since clarity is a measure of purity, it is usual that a diamond with SI2 clarity will have some imperfections. However, there are still about 40% of these diamonds which have no visible imperfections.

White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring for Women

White gold is inferior to Platinum for an engagement ring

For women who crave silver color engagement rings, there are two options – gold metal and platinum. A Platinum ring is heavier and may assume a greyish- matte finish over time. On the other hand, a white gold ring is lighter, but it can retain the shine longer.

Diamonds don’t chip, crack or break

Diamonds do break and chip if the right amount of pressure at the right angle is exerted. So, they need to be handled delicately.

Men need to weigh different parameters while buying Diamond Engagement Rings for Women. Misconceptions clutter the mind and influence decisions. Cut out the clutter and get the best one for your fiancé with Maharaja’s Fine Jewelry and Gift store in Panama City, Florida.

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