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5 Trending Men’s Engagement Ring Designs

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Traditionally, it was a woman who wore an engagement ring gifted by her Fiancé. But now, engagement rings are popularly becoming more like the wedding band. Both, the man and the woman prefer it as a wedding gift for their respective partner.

However, finding suitable Diamond Rings for Men is not an easy task. There are relatively fewer options to choose from, compared to Women’s Engagement Rings. But, if you are looking at the right place, you will find just what you want.

Here are some trending styles of Men’s Engagement Rings you can go for.

Wired Ring

Wired Men’s Engagement Ring

When you want a unique design for a Men’s engagement ring, you cannot go for the usual floral carvings or split shank designs. You need something masculine, yet not plain. The wired style is the best option for Diamond Rings for Men.

Diamond Embossed Band

Diamond Embossed Men’s Engagement Ring

Some men don’t like the idea of a centerpiece on their ring. But some women don’t like gifting a plain ring to their Fiancé. The solution is to have smaller diamonds aligned along the band. This is why the diamond embossed band is so popular. It is an engagement band fit for a man, gifted by a Fiancé who loves to splurge on him.

Dual-toned Rings

Dual-toned Men's Engagement Ring

Dual-toned rings are not just for women. You can go for gold toned Diamond Rings for Men to match with his favorite gold watch. Golden, brown, black are some of the masculine tones you can go for. A very good alternative to this style is the royal blue stone set in a white gold, diamond, or platinum base.

The Simple Chunky Ring

Chunky Men’s Engagement Ring

Simplicity never goes out of fashion. For the no-nonsense guy who would not want to wear anything too dazzling, you have the good old chunky band. It can have carvings at the edges or be a dual-toned band. After all, it has to look different from the wedding band.

Wide-band Diamond Ring

Wide-band Diamond Men’s Engagement Ring

This is the commonest style of Diamond Rings for Men. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to the trendy and sleek design. One sizeable yet not chunky diamond engraved in a wide platinum or gold band is as classy as it gets.

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