Diamond Jewelry

3 Ways To Care Take Of Your Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry
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Do you want the luster of your white gold ring to remain intact? This is for decades to come. Do you want your prong clusters to remain in place so that those stones don’t fall off? Do you want your diamond jewelry to remain as good as new forever?

Then there are 3 practical steps on how you take care of your jewelry:

Periodic clean-up is essential
Don’t you visit the beauty salon if you want a clean-up or a scrub done? You want those blackheads or clogged pores to get off your skin. Your coveted pieces of jewelry too expect the same amount of upkeep, to have them sparkling, as good as new.

You can take a mild detergent soap and soak your diamond ring for 15-20 minutes. Then take the jewel out and rinse in running water. Grip the jewelry intact.

Now take a soft cloth and then rub the jewelry clean. You can give the jewelry to a jewel cleaning center and have the clean-up done in a professional manner. Highly durable and hypoallergenic metals like platinum just require to clean up with a lens cloth.


Get the jewelry polished
White gold requires a fresh coat of polish to retain color and luster, for a longer duration to come. You can get it done every 6 months or so. Yellow gold or rose gold can be polished once every year. Black diamond rings or platinum rings need not be re-polished every now and then.


Look for ways to secure those loose stones
If you take adequate measures to maintain your diamond jewelry, it will remain glowing forever. On the other hand, if you wear your ring while working out or applying a dab of cream or lotion, the dirt gets into the prongs. The tight prongs loosen up, giving way for the stones to fall out. Whenever you indulge in physical hardcore activities, it is advisable you take that rock or pendant, off your body. You can secure your diamond jewels inside air-tight plastic covers or velvet pouches.


These are the few useful tips that can help you to take care of your stylish Diamond Jewelry that completely complements the style & fashion sense of the wearer.

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