Wedding and Anniversary Jewelry

From the moment two people say the words “I do” they make an everlasting commitment of love to one another. This bond is sealed with a set of rings that couples exchange. Usually, there was an engagement ring proceeds the nuptials. Wedding & Anniversary Jewellery is the most significant decision two people can make when …

Diamond Wedding Bands

5 Perfect Women’s Diamond Wedding Bands

Women's Diamond Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are meant to be perfect. It is a symbol of everlasting love and promise. It is seen as a bond of purity between two persons. For a woman, a wedding band is an epitome of everlasting love. Explore the most magnificent collection of women’s diamond wedding bands for the special day. Make that …

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

7 Common Misconceptions About Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

Diamond engagement rings are the ultimate in a nuptial ensemble for women. These rings offer a sense of safety and completeness to women. Every man who wants to gift the perfect diamond ring to her fiancée. However, men need to choose Diamond Engagement Rings for Women with an open mind. There are several misconceptions about …

Men's Engagement Rings, Men's Jewelry

Tips to Buy Men’s Engagement Rings

Men’s Engagement Rings Collection

The principles of wedding and engagement are changing nowadays. It comes with no surprise for a woman to propose a man. But that comes with a dilemma of buying the perfect Men’s Engagement Rings. You might be a pro at choosing a ring for yourself, but getting a ring for your man can be a …

Jewelry Store

Reasons to Visit a Jewelry Store on this Labor Day

Jewelry Store

This September 3rd, 2018, celebrate Labor Day as Labor Yay with Maharaja’s Fine Jewelry. Celebrate the freedom of buying any piece of jewelry without worrying about the price. Buy a piece of jewelry for yourself and your loved ones at our store and get exciting offers. You have a weekend plus an extra day to …

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

Latest Trends in Vintage Rings for Engagements

Vintage Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring for your partner is a tough job. It symbolizes the intent of forming a lifelong bond with the most important person in your life. You can use some help from the experts. If you want to keep it classy, browse through the Vintage Rings collection for the real feel. If you …

Necklaces & Pendants

Top Trending Designs of Necklaces


Necklaces are truly an unmatched piece of jewelry that get instant recognition. An attractive piece of a necklace is enough to add to your aura when in a party. Not to mention all the attention and compliments you will get. One great advantage of necklaces is that their charm goes with any type of dressing. …

Men's Jewelry

5 Trending Men’s Engagement Ring Designs

Men’s Engagement Ring

Traditionally, it was a woman who wore an engagement ring gifted by her Fiancé. But now, engagement rings are popularly becoming more like the wedding band. Both, the man and the woman prefer it as a wedding gift for their respective partner. However, finding suitable Diamond Rings for Men is not an easy task. There …

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women, Women's Engagement Rings

5 Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Women’s Engagement Rings

Women’s Engagement Rings

A perfect engagement ring will not only brighten up your wedding, it will give your to-be bride a happiness, a memory, that she will cherish forever. So, it is of utmost importance that when you buy women’s engagement rings for your bride, you do it right. Remember – you will get only one chance at it. …

Custom Design Jewelry

3 Tips to be considered for making Custom Design Jewelry

Custom Design Jewelry

Custom Design Jewelry sounds like an amazing idea for anyone thinking about buying jewelry that says something about you, greatly. But it takes a toll on the mind when you have to get down to getting it done. Don’t worry, because, we have just what you need. Tips to get you through the hassle of …